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About Leslie Kelly

Leslie Kelly
[ Lesley Kelly ] Artworks Created: Kangaroos Travelling. Lesley was born in Taree. She moved to Forster as a very young child. Lesley was doing a CABE course at TAFE when Tobwabba began, and came to have a look around when people started to talk about how much they were enjoying it. Lesley eventually joined Tobwabba in April 1993, and has been producing highly individual artwork since. She works in a variety of colours and mediums and is enjoying the silk painting that the artists are being trained in and experimenting with at the moment. Lesley has concentrated more on paintings than design, but says she intends to become more involved with the design work in the future. Being one of the Tobwabba Art artists has meant a great deal of change to Lesley personally. She would like to stay with Tobwabba for the foreseeable future. She enjoys being part of the group of artists. Part of the strength of the artists as a group lies in the fact that they are all related, as Lesley sees it, which has helped everyone stick together. For the future she would like to see Tobwabba Art continue to grow, and to eventually become independent and self-sufficient.