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Betty Mbitjana- Awelye (Body Paint) and Bush Melon

AUD $2,600.00

Betty was born in Utopia, grew up and spent her early years on the station mixing a traditional life with a western schooling. As her mother became more famous, Betty developed an interest in painting, developing her own method of expression based on ceremonial stories.

The artists depiction refers to women's ceremonies performed at Atwengerrp- the artists homeland. The smaller circles represent bush melon fruit, which once grew plentiful, but are now difficult to find. Larger circles represent the ceremonial rock holes. Both designs were painted and drawn onto the body using a mix of ochre, charcoal and ash.

Acrylic on Canvas

Catalogue- WBM150217

Canvas Size 180cm x 120cm

Certificate of Authenticity

  • Item Code: WBM150217
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  • Artist: Betty