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Candle Holder set "Sunrise"

AUD $15.00

Sunrise by Terry Johnstone, Tobwabba Art. Candle Holder Set of three 4", 5" & 6". Tobwabba Art tells the story of Worimi people from the Great Lakes region of coastal New South Wales. Towabba Art is a living portrayal of the rich and diverse culture of the Worimi people that has been passed down through the generations.

in this design we see the sun shinning on the main campsite represented by the 'white dots'. The smaller circles represent other campsites which are connected by tracks or trails used for travel or in the seach of food & water.
Royalties from the sale of this product go to Tobwabba Art and benefit the Worimi community.

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  • Item Code: 7013S
  • Artist: Terry Johnstone