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Alice Napanangka Granites- Mina Mina

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Alice Napanangka Granites- Mina Mina

Mina Mina is a ceremonial place belonging to Japanangka, Japanangardi men and Napanangka, Napangardi women, their associated land continues far to the west of yuendumu in the sandhill country. Ancestral women travelled from here, north through Janyinki and other places then east to Alocoota country. There are many mulju (water-soakage’s) at Mina Mina. A clay pan exist at Mina Mina and it is here that the women and preformed ceremonies. As a result, digging sticks rose up out of the ground and it is these implements that the women carried with them on their long journey east. The women danced and sang the whole way, with no sleep. The women collected many other types of bush tucker such as yakajirri (bush sultana) and plants for ceremonial use.

 Stretched Canvas Acrylic on Canvas

Catalogue- MULANG170945

Size- 90cm x 90 cm

Certificate of Authenticity

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