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Juliette Nampijinpa Brown- Jarlajirrpi (Owlet Nightjar Dreaming

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Juliette Nampijinpa Brown- Jarlajirrpi Jukurrpa (Owlet Nightjar Dreaming)

The Jarlajirrpi Jukurrpa (Owlet Nightjar Dreaming) belongs to country near to Wirliyajarrayi, north of Yuendumu. The Jarlajirrpi is also known as a kurdaitcha bird. Jarlajirrpi make a particular sound, ‘Jurl Jurl’, at night time. They spend all day in their nest in the hollow logs of trees and have big eyes, like kakurtu (southern book owl). This Jukurrpa is associated with ceremonies that are usually preformed at night.

stretched Canvas
Acrylic on Canvas
Catalogue- 1142/17
Canvas Size- 61 x 46 cm

Certificate of Authenticity

  • Item Code: 1142/17