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Maggie Napaljarri Ross- Jangangpa Jukurrpa

AUD $990.00

Maggie Napaljarri Ross- Jangangpa Jukurrpa (Brush-tail Possum Dreaming)

Stretched Canvas

Jangangpa Jukurrpa (common Brush-tail Possum Dreaming) travels all over the Warlpiri country. Jangangpa are nocturnal animals that often nest in the hollows of white gum trees. This story comes from a big hill called Mawurrji, west of Yuendumu and north of Pikilyi. Every night the ancestors would be in search for food. Their hunting trips took them to Wirlki and Wanapirdi, where they found flying ants which are represented in Maggie’s painting.

Acrylic on Canvas
Catalogue- 19/16
Canvas Size- 107 x 61cm

Certificate of Authenticity

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