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Dawn Ngala Wheeler- Bush Tucker (Women collecting honey ants)

AUD $450.00

Dawn Ngala Wheeler- Bush Tucker (Women collecting honey ants)

Hermannsburg Potters- Aboriginal Corporation
11 x 9 cm Terracotta and Underglazes
Catalogue- DW971-15

This work tells the story of the everyday practive of women in Ntaria collecting bush tucker, a cultural practice that still continues today. For 60,000 years bush people have been collectin ush tucker in the form of plants, seeds and fruits, for dietary as well as medicinal and ritual purposes. Bush tucker collecting is a women-only social practice and the social and cultural aspect of bush tucker collecting is what is of most importance in present day Ntaria. Collecting bush tucker ultimately speaks to the deep social practice of women’s work in Arrente culture and the strong emphasis on social practices of the everyday in contemporary Ntaria.

Certificate of Authenticity

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